Apron Covers

Apron Covers

Pemco manufactured Apron Cover is best suitable protective device when there is no compressed length available on machine guide ways for protective device. These Apron Machine Covers are made of both steel and aluminium depending upon application. Our company supplies excellent aluminium Apron Covers for guide way protections in hot chip load conditions.

We manufacture them according to clients needs and dimensions. They have aluminium strips riveted to each other with PVC coated Nylon Fabric in between the strips to act as a screen. Apron Cover has an angle fitted to one end so that they is can be screwed to the moving table/cross slide and also has a dead weight at the other end for constant tension flowing action.


Materials Used

  • Aluminium strips on PVC coated fabrics
  • MS strips on PVC coated fabrics
  • Brass strips on PVC coated fabrics


All CNC & Conventional Machines


Straight Screen

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