Guideway Wipers

Guideway Wipers

Pemco offers high quality Synthetic Rubber & Polyurethane Guideway wipers with Stainless Steel casing. Wipers are designed to suit individual requirements. It can be made in different shapes & sizes. We offer 2 type of guideway wipers in height i.e. 24mm & 17mm(PW1 & PW2) which is protected against hot swarf and mechanical damage. We also offer standard straight wipers with Steel casing. It can be cut and used in different sizes. They are temperature resistant up to 150 degree.

Aluminium Strip + Polyurethane Lip:

These Guideway Wipers have a basic Aluminium Strip encapsulating a high quality PU LIP, which provides excellent Slideway Wiping Capacity. They are available in five sizes out which three provide Lip protection from Hot Chips (They have frame overhand on the Lip). The aluminium strip (Frame) can be easily drilled to suit your needs. These guideway wipers are available in stock lengths of 500 mm to 1000 mm.

Steel Casing + Polyurethane Lip:

These guideway wipers have total PU Lip protection due to Steel Casing (Frame). The Steel casing can be drilled to suit specific requirements of users & easily fitted to the moving slide/table. They are supplied in standard lengths of 500mm. We also supply Telescoping Guard Wipers suitable for various Metallic Telescopic Guards.

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